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Lena & The Floating Roots Orchestra - Lost-Wax (PLUSH12)

Lena & The Floating Roots Orchestra - Lost-Wax (PLUSH12)


Lena & The Floating Roots Orchestra - Caribou Veins

Lena & The Floating Roots Orchestra - Out Of Sync

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  1. Typewriter Ribbon 06:06
  2. Collision 05:33
  3. Crossroad 04:47
  4. Caribou Veins 05:23
  5. Cheval Vapeur 06:00
  6. Ghost Wax 02:44
  7. Out Of Sync 07:48
  8. Periphery 05:48
  9. Circonstances 07:40

For his 4th album as Lena, Mathias Delplanque chose to collaborate with musicians from different stylistic and geographical origins (from jazz improvisors, world music, post-rock, pop and from France, US, Benin, UK…) bringing about an ensemble with moving contours that he calls The Floating Roots Orchestra.

Curiously, thanks to these collaborations he presents his most personal work to date. « Lost-Wax » is an urban fresco, nocturnal, against the grain, briskly energetic. Black music flows through the album like a ghost, the album is populated with echoes of dub, jazz, soul and african music. The players and the sound of the exceptional musicians is deployed expertly, concerning the likes of Steve Argüelles on drums (Ambitronix, Pianobook...), the trumpet of Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground, Tortoise...), the bass of Charles-Eric Charrier (Man) and the Hammond of Charlie O (Peter Van Poehl) with featured vocalists Black Sifichi (Black Dog), Neil Carlill (Vedette), Julien Jacob, Alice Lewis and Daniel Givens.

Arranged and mixed with the attention of a goldsmith, mastered by the Berlin dub maestro Moritz Von Oswald aka Rhythm & Sound, « Lost-Wax » is a sound nugget both radiant and spellbinding.