Bruit Clair Records

Mathias Delplanque - BLEU remix (BC13)

  • Artist Mathias Delplanque
  • Album BLEU remix
  • Label Bruit Clair
  • Format digital
  • Catalogue N° BC13
  • Release date April 2018
  1. BLEU remix42:45

"Bleu remix" is a track produced for Yann Marrussich's "Bleu remix" performance, presented on January 23 2018 at Le Lieu Unique (Nantes, France).

About the performance :

"Bleu Remix" is the sequel to "Bleu provisoire", created in 2001 - a performance in which Yann Marussich let a blue-tinted biological liquid ooze through the layers of his skin, representing the movement of the body's inner processes. The soundtrack to "Bleu provisoire" is remixed for each performance of "Bleu Remix" by a different local musician, bringing an element of uniqueness to each event. In "Bleu Remix", the performer, wearing nothing but white briefs, sits on a reclining chair in a transparent glass cage. Once again, the artist takes us on an intimate journey through his body.

He sits motionless, opening and closing his eyes. Gradually, blue tears run down his cheeks, blue snot runs from his nose, and blue spit trickles from his mouth. He begins to sweat, first under his armpits, then his forehead, back, belly and legs: his whole body is covered with pearls of blue sweat. While searching for a kind of universal human being, Marussich takes the essence of "Bleu Provisoire"'s concept, mixes and transforms it to shake the senses and reveal the frailty of reality. With imperceptible movements, an intense gaze, and blue perspiration made visible, Marussich opens the paths between the inside and the outside world–secret passages from the unconscious, straight to the conscious.

Why the colour blue ? The colour relates to wisdom, serenity and dreams. It is ever-present around us, and yet doesn’t exist inside our bodies. It only exists in our dreams and our subconscious. The colour blue refers to life, journeys and discoveries in the literal sense as well as the figurative (personal introspection). The intensity of the performer’s presence makes it unbearable for the audience to hold its gaze. The subject “expressing” the blue ink takes the audience through a human experience that reaches the realm of the supernatural.

For more info on Yann Marrussich's work :  

Composed, performed and recorded by Mathias Delplanque
This version is a studio version, recorded a few days after the public performance.

Text: Anne Rochat
English translation: AJS Craker

Cover photo : Marc Gremillon (Yann Marussich performing "Bleu remix" at Dampfzentrale - Berne - in 2007)