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D'Incise - Akènes (BC07)

D'Incise - Akènes (BC07)


D'Incise - Estimation de la vitesse et du freinage

D'Incise - Les rideaux nations

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  • Artist D'Incise
  • Album Akènes
  • Label Bruit Clair / Drone Sweet Drone
  • Format CDR / digital
  • Catalogue N° BC07
  • Release date October 2012
  1. Autarcie04:44
  2. Hibernation de mauvaise herbe04:09
  3. Forteresse au milieu de nul part04:31
  4. Estimation de la vitesse et du freinage04:13
  5. L'effort de l'eau02:56
  6. Clin d'oeil de cyclone04:38
  7. La veille05:04
  8. Eclaircie sur l'autre flanc04:05
  9. Et puis le dégel04:39
  10. Les rideaux nations07:00

Akènes is a new album by ultra-prolific artist D'Incise, from Switzerland. In D'Incise rich and multiform discography, this record is to be connected with his masterpiece Cendre et Poudre.

Composed between 2009 and 2010, Akènes saw d'Incise turn towards a more organic way of producing music. A real deconstruction of the rhythmic and melodic structures leading to an extremely free type of electronica.

This record is co-produced with french label Drone Sweet Drone.