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Mathias Delplanque - Parcelles 1-10 (BC01)

Mathias Delplanque - Parcelles 1-10 (BC01)


Mathias Delplanque - Parcelle 1

Mathias Delplanque - Parcelle 5

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  • ArtistMathias Delplanque
  • Album Parcelles 1-10
  • Label Bruit Clair
  • Format CD / digital
  • Catalogue N° BC01
  • Release date January 2010
  1. Parcelle 1 04:24
  2. Parcelle 2 04:00
  3. Parcelle 3 03:51
  4. Parcelle 4 03:49
  5. Parcelle 5 05:14
  6. Parcelle 6 03:57
  7. Parcelle 7 02:11
  8. Parcelle 8 06:22
  9. Parcelle 9 05:25
  10. Parcelle 10 11:40

Parcelles 1-10 is Mathias Delplanque’s 7th solo album under his own name. This album is the sequel of Le Pavillon Témoin, which was released in 2007 on the Greek label Low Impedance; it is also the first part of a trilogy, the second opus of which, Parcelles 11-20 (Stalker), is presently being produced.

The Parcelles (“Plots of Land” in French) are musical pieces that are halfway between folk, musique concrète and ambient. They were recorded in studio in live conditions (direct soundtakes, no re-recording). Mathias Delplanque uses the computer as an instrument it itself, along with other tools such as the melodica, the guitar, the zither and small percussions. Instruments are played, treated and recorded in the same process, thus giving birth to protean and uneven musical fragments.

The Parcelles series takes place between the last two tracks, n°14 (Le regard) and n°15 (Dérivation) on Le Pavillon Témoin. The track Parcelle 1 marks the beginning of a digression that will terminate – at the end of the 3rd opus of the series – with the last track on Le Pavillon Témoin.